14 July 2000


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Here is a picture of Chiaki.  Obviously, I took this picture when she was in the middle of something.  I will try to get a happier looking picture of her up here soon.

Mr. Wocher’s English class.  I have taught solo a couple of times.  They thought my digital camera was pretty cool, so I was able to talk them into being in a picture.

Dan with the class.

Dan working on his laptop in Todd Swanson’s office.  How amazing it is that I can travel 6000 miles from home and still be doing the same things…

Todd Swanson.  We were working on the Kameda English language web site for this entire day.  The camera helped break up the monotony of it all.

Another picture of Todd.  Man…that was a long afternoon.

Mr. John C. Wocher.  Todd took this picture a while ago for his web page.  I thought it would make a nice addition to mine, as well.