15 July 2000


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The Entrance to Kamogawa Sea World.

The seal area at Kamogawa Sea World was a lot of fun.  Here, the trainers lead the animals in a parade around the pool.

Dolphins jumping onto the deck.

Dolphin jumping through a hoop

Jon turns around for a surprise picture.  Noriko is still focused on the critters in the display.

Noriko, an MRI tech from the hospital, explains some very basic things to the foreigners.

A view of the ocean from the dolphin platform.

Some pelicans taking a walk along the sidewalk

Here are the penguins.  There were a ton of them in a very small space.  The dark areas in the ceiling above the penguins were ice machines.  One particularly brilliant penguin stood under the ice machines as they dropped their ice and was pelted repeatedly.  How strange…

The seals bow to open their performance.  They also did an odd singing number that no picture could do justice to.

The seals paraded around the pool.   When the trainer would turn around, the seals would hide their heads under their flippers.  At one point, one of the seals refused to hide his head, but the trainer straightened him out with a fish.

The sealions.  What is it about a gigantic swimming animal that makes burping sounds so funny? 

This seal appears to have mastered the art of the Jedi. 

The seals, always demonstrating how polite they can be, wave goodbye.

A small child gets a closer look at the killer whales.

Dan gives his overwhelming approval to Kamogawa Sea World.