26 July 2000


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Yes.This is a two-liter can of beer.Behold itís glory and bow before its majesty!

Mr. Wocherís wife, Midori.She made a terrific dinner of Chinese food for Barbara and Jon Collings and me.

This is cool.A bottle of sake with a poisonous snake in it.I drank some and it was full of snaky goodness.

The Wocherís dog, Taffy.In this picture, he has a little more dignity than in the other picture I took of him.

Mr. Wocher holding a beautifully colored blowfish.In Japan, they call it a fugu.They make very expensive sashimi out of it.Since the fugu contains poison, the chefs must be very careful.

Mr. Wocher standing proudly in front of his prized wine collection.I have been lucky to sample some of his wares and continue to be impressed with every new glass.