28 July 2000


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George and Chiakiís son, Andrei, holding a refreshing beverage for my amusement.

The Wocherís daughter, Angela, dressed up for the special occasion.

This is the beer girl at Jusco.She is offering free samples of alcohol.What a country!

Chiaki and Andrei, enjoying the sunny day.

Mrs. Barbara Collings, Dan, Jon Collings, and Noriko Suzuki at a concert in Kamogawa.

Kokubo-sensei pushed me into this store in Amatsu during their big festival.Neither I, nor the people working here, expected this picture to be taken.

Here I am with the group from the lab that took me to Amatsu.Kokubo-sensei, my main tour guide, is immediately to my right.

Dan and Jon enjoying a cold beer in the warm weather at the Wocherís BBQ.

A picture of me standing in the street after a cart of musical instruments at the Amatsu festival passes by.

Sign from the beach.Denger, Will Robinson!

Tiny frogs seeking shade on a statue outside of my apartment building.

George Constantin, complete with beard.

Wocher, the grillmaster, throwing some food on the barbacue.

The complete lab group in Amatsu.We were down on the pier eating and drinking.They got pizza and wings, knowing they were my favorites.I was very appreciative.

I was pushed into this Japanese home in Amatsu.The man in front of me was extremely drunk.He gave me a lantern and beer to hold for this picture.

Jessica Howell and Wocher with a fine wine.

A view from a bridge in Kamogawa.You can see Jusco, the massive department store, off in the distance.

Kokubo-sensei playing with a stray kitten in Amatsu.I think you have to know him to understand how funny this picture is.

A wagon with several musical instruments at the Amatsu festival.

Another view of the music cart.Noto-san, who works in the lab, is on the left side of the image in his fancy outfit.

One more picture of the music cart

Octopus at the grocery store.I had to take this picture

The portable shrine, the focus of the festival.Everyone carrying this is drunk, so you must be careful to avoid its path.

Portable shrine in its home.

The group in Amatsu in front of the shrine home.

STOP THE AIDS.I donít think this one needs any explanation.

Mr. Wocherís birthday partyÖHe has just been presented with the tasty cake as a surprise from his wife.

In preparation for the birthday party, Mr. Wocher pours several bottles of wine into serving containers shaped like ducks.

The last picture, Mr. Wocher enjoying a glass of wine after the cooking is done.