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Dan's Adventure in Japan
Our Great President

6000 Miles Away and More of the Same

Last night, I was watching the NHK news, the gold standard for Japanese
broadcast journalism. They showed a brief interview with the composer of a
song played at the G8 Summit in Okinawa. The composer was a thirtysomething
man dressed like you would expect a musician to dress.

The composer related his experience at the summit to the NHK interviewer:

The performance room was filled with various dignitaries from around the
world. When the crowd was settled, the band began to play the song the
composer wrote for the summit, "Never End." He played an instrument during
the song while a very attractive woman did the singing. After the song was
over, he met individually with the leaders of the nations represented: Putin
of Russia and Mori of Japan, to name a few...

When the composer was to meet President Clinton, things were different. In
the composer's words, "I was going to meet Mr. Clinton privately, but he
wanted to meet [the singer] too, so she came along."

Leave it to Bill Clinton to do a little womanizing at the G8 summit.