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Dan's Adventure in Japan

The beginning of my second week in Japan


A couple of events occurred over here that merit mention. On Saturday night, around 6:00 PM, Chiba prefecture (the Japanese equivalent of a state, Chiba is the one I work in) was hit with an earthquake. The quake registered 5.8 on the Richter scale at ground zero. In Kamogawa City, the quake registered a mere 3.0. However, this usually yields visible movement of objects in a building. I was at the grocery store at the time and didn't notice it. The building is solid enough to resist all movement of these small quakes. People I work with mentioned it and I was surprised, and somewhat disappointed, that I missed it.

Earthquake news, in English

My Second Topic

Also, when we were out deep sea fishing on Sunday afternoon, we were near the site of a boating accident. A small fishing craft was cut in half by a tanker. The fishermen are still missing. This type of accident occurs rarely and frightened many of the local people.

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